About Al Mal

Al Mal was established on January 2nd, 1980 and listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) since January 15th, 2002. The sole business of Al Mal is investment management, and it plays an important role in creating value for its investors and shareholders. Al Mal prides itself in having a small talented and dedicated team of professional investment managers and focus on what it knows best.

Our only business is investment management and we limit our product range to those products having competitive advantage. Nearly three decades of dedicated and relentless efforts have lifted Al Mal Investment Company to enviable heights, both in its diversified portfolios and in its vast clientele. Today, its shareholder equities have crossed KD 91.3 Million and the capital rose to KD 52.8 Million earning its title on the Kuwaiti stock exchange in 2002.

Al Mal, grasping the momentum of aforementioned awakening, responded on time by refurbishing its entire set up both in ownership and in its executive management. Consequently, the company took a new dimension and a fortified performance scenario. The new management team gave more importance to direct investment projects screening them diligently on a professional scale. Al Mal will also focus fundamentally on marketable and listed assets with an anticipated value greater than book value.

In operations, Al Mal targets mega projects, commencing with sourcing, structuring and managing them. Vibrant activities include asset management, corporate finance and M&A intermediation and its potential products are liquid funds, private equity projects and funds, and structured products.

Master Developer - Holding Company KSA

A new holding company “Al Mal Economic City Holding Company” in KSA has been established to develop PABMEC. The capital needed for the development of the Economic City is set at 5 Billion SAR where AL MAL Investment Company holds 64% shares in equity; the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) holds 6% Shares represented in the 156 km2 of Land offered for PABMEC; while the remaining 30% shares shall be placed through IPO.

Development Companies KSA

For the efficient development of PABMEC, the developer has formed 9 specialized independent companies in KSA to serve as development vehicles for various project components. Each of the companies shall have unfettered control in operations and its own dedicated team of executives to run them.

  • Hail Municipal Services Co.

    Domestic garbage collection,street sweeping, landscape maintenance, industrial & solid waste management and recycling of waste

  • Hail Power & Energy Co.

    generation (conventional & solar), power distribution, O&M of networks and facilities (substations, feeders, meters, etc..), Management of integration with

    other facilities and Energy conservation solutions

  • Hail Water Co.

    Water well drilling, water storage, water treatment, water distribution (drinking, irrigation, and industrial), water bottling, O& M, integration with other

    related facilities.

  • Hail Utilities Co.

    O&M of sewage treatment plant & networks, O&M of storm & sewerage networks, O&M of district cooling plants and networks, O&M of utilities tunnels,

    integration with other related facilities.

  • Hail Transport & Logistics Co.

    O&M of dry port and O&M of road networks

  • Hail International Airport

    O&M of the airport, concessions and logistics

  • Smart Cities Development & Management

    Develop HEC smart city (ICT) in JV, Manage HEC in JV, JV in other cities in MEANA, set up & O&M of the Command & Control Centre (CCC)

  • Al Mal Hospitality & Entertainment Co.

    Hotels, clubs, parks, stadium, tourism activities, entertainment facilities (aqua park, racing courses (horses, cars etc...)).

  • Hail Safety & Security Co.

    Access control to gated areas, airport & dry port, traffic & parking control, general safety & security including fire & EMS.

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