Development components of PABMEC

  • Logistics & Transportation PABMEC will have its own employment and living facilities, with 30,000 potential employment opportunities supporting demand for up to 15,000 residential units.

  • Commercial zone High quality office space will be provided in commercial centres, including PABMEC Downtown that will also incorporate retail outlets, hotels, entertainment and civic land-uses.

  • Entertainment & Tourism zone PABMEC will attract domestic tourists, in the form of both pilgrims and business visitors, who will create demand for hospitality, shopping and entertainment facilities.

  • Agro-Industrial zone An agro-industrial zone, as well as agricultural training and research facilities, will help food processing industries to leverage the region’s sizeable agricultural output.

  • Business park A well-planned business district will offer state-of-the-art technology and reliable infrastructure to allow businesses to take full advantage of their presence in PABMEC.

  • Recreation zone The provision of large recreation areas, parks, aquatic activities, and entertainment and ‘edutainment’ facilities will make PABMEC a comfortable and enjoyable place to live in.

  • Industrial district Special focus on the planning of PABMEC’s industrial area will ensure the appropriate mix and smooth operation and integration of various industry sectors.

  • Education district An entire area will be dedicated to educational services provision in the form of colleges, research centres, vocational and training centres, as well as public and private schools.

  • Infrastructure & Utility Envisaged as a ‘smart city’, PABMEC will incorporate all the necessary modern infrastructure and utilities required to ensure a high quality urban environment for living and work.

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