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SAGIA, the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority, was established in 2000 as part of the new foreign investment law in Saudi Arabia. Its purpose is to attract investment to Saudi Arabia and more recently its mandate has evolved to encompass the enhancement of the kingdom’s overall competitiveness. SAGIA plans to attract sufficient investment to achieve rapid and sustainable economic growth in Saudi Arabia. Capitalizing on the kingdom’s competitive strengths as the global capital of energy and as a major hub between East and West.

At a cost of more than $60 billion, Saudi Arabia’s economy is being propelled onto a whole new level with the construction of four integrated Economic Cities. This visionary development project will promote economic diversification, create over a million new job opportunities, homes for 4-5 million residents – and, most significantly, contribute $150billion to Saudi’s GDP.

SAGIA’s mission is to position Saudi Arabia among the top ten most competitive nations by 2010 through the creation of a pro-business environment and a knowledge-based society while putting forth its best effort to make Saudi Arabia a favorable investment destination in the region and throughout world.

SAGIA’s vision is to act as a gateway to investment in Saudi Arabia. We seek to attract sufficient investment to achieve sustainable rapid economic growth while capitalizing on the Kingdom’s competitive strengths as the global capital of energy, and as a major hub between East and West.

SAGIA takes great pleasure in launching this comprehensive investment portal, this window into investment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With this new investment tool we aim to provide the ultimate in facilitation services by enabling efficient and clear communication between local, joint, and foreign investors and the relevant and committed team members at SAGIA.


Kharafi is a private Kuwaiti based group with diverse interests and activities worldwide. Established as a trading company more than 100 years ago, it has since developed into a large multi-national company.

Following on from 1956 and with the advent of the construction boom in the Gulf, caused by the build-up of oil wealth in the region, Kharafi’s Construction Division quickly assumed a dominant role and expanded in response to the demands of a rapidly developing nation.

Having been awarded a number of important projects in Kuwait, the G.C.C., Africa, the Caribbean, Asia and Eastern Europe the MAK Group today has increased its size and status as a Grade ‘A’ International Contractor and these successful foreign ventures have led to the establishment of permanent branches worldwide including The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Egypt, Kenya, Botswana, The Maldives, Niger, Albania, Lesotho, Tanzania, Lebanon, South Africa, Indonesia, Eritrea, Syria, Gambia and Bulgaria.

The activities covered are those in construction, manufacturing and commerce though within the Group we have Americana the largest food company in the Middle East, an airline and investments that include Kuwait’s leading financial institutions and other companies listed on the stock exchange. With an annual turnover of over US$5 Billion the M.A. Kharafi Group now operates in more than 25 countries around the world and has more than 100,000 employees, and continues to march ahead with firm commitments to development, growth and progress.

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