Value proposition

“Prince Abdulaziz Bin Mousaed Economic City is envisioned as a thriving modern city with a strong base in transportation and logistics driving agro-industrial, construction material and other economic activities”

Value Proposition / Strengths

  • The convergence of transportation routes within the PABMEC site facilitates the creation of a transportation hub and the growth of a transportation themed Economic City.

  • Central location and proximity to all Arab countries makes it an ideal hub for transportation and logistics. PABMEC shall provide state of the art Transportation components such as: International Airport, International Railway Station, Road Exchanges and Networks, Dry Ports and Multi Modal Station, Logistics Parks and Facilities to become the strongest T&L hub in the KSA.

  • The favourable climate and the existing agricultural base in the surrounding areas and minerals in the Northern provinces enable the growth of agribusiness

  • The abundance of raw materials, minerals and natural resources makes PABMEC an ideal centre for construction material and related industries

  • The surroundings of PABMEC are famous for mining activities and yet still undiscovered richness creating an opportunity for mining sector key players.

  • PABMEC, when developed, will cater for the untapped north of KSA more than two thirds of its land and a great catchment area.

  • PABMEC is the only Economic City that has an international airport on its land to serve the development and the adjacent regions. This is the nucleus of the north of KSA that will drive all businesses and create thousands for opportunities.

  • Adjacent to PABMEC, Ha’il University, currently under construction, provides a springboard for the growth of knowledge industries and businesses.

  • The scenic area in the south western sector and the mountainous backdrop are suitable for resort and recreation development .

  • PABMEC can leverage on the existing Ha’il City for support in the initial stages of development.

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