Prince Abdulaziz Bin Mousaed Economic City is envisioned as a thriving modern city, with a strong base in transportation and logistics driving agro-industrial, construction material and other economic activities.

A key goal in the initial phase of development is to make PABMEC the most compelling connection point for goods and people. The focus will be on speedy, comfortable, efficient and low cost connections, which will attract and encourage logistics companies and travellers to use the Economic City as a new trans-shipment and transit hub. The ultimate goal is to attract manufacturing activities and residents into PABMEC. Sustaining the fully fledged industrial and residential city envisaged at the final stage of development will require a whole suite of supporting commercial and community facilities.

Well designed and affordable residential neighbourhoods – supported by conveniently located community facilities, such as schools, mosques, parks and health centres – will ensure the high appeal of the Economic City to prospective residents. A downtown area and secondary business centres will offer the vibrant mix of office, retail and entertainment activities that is characteristic of many world-class cities. The transportation system will support the heavy demands of a logistics driven Economic City and embed innovations and services such as intelligent transportation systems and public transit.

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